All hearings will be conducted over the Zoom videoconferencing platform, unless a party indicates that they are unable to participate by Zoom. The Court will make the arrangements for Zoom and will advise the parties of the connection arrangements.

A device with a camera and a microphone, plus access to WiFi/an internet connection, will be required for participation by video conferencing. This could be a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Where a party is unable to participate by Zoom, the hearing will be conducted by use of a teleconference line.

Hearing participants should have an appropriate technical set-up and observe etiquette appropriate to the nature of remote hearings. 

For the latest updates from the Court on best practices and etiquette for remote hearings, click here.

For those not familiar with Zoom, Miller Paralegal Services highly recommends testing out the Zoom platform in advance of any video hearings. The Deputy Judge will be observing the parties. Nervousness will show. Being familiar with the platform and how it works, will ease some of the stress and nerves.

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