What is the Process for Small Claims Court?

You are the Plaintiff when you are suing someone to recover monies owed, property, or damages to property or person.  You are the Defendant if someone else is suing you.

The monetary limit of the Small Claims Court is $35,000.00.

Taking someone to court, or being taken to court, can be an expensive and drawn out process.  There are never any guarantees of outcome in court proceedings. 

Miller Paralegal Services offers free consultation for a fair and honest assessment of your particular matter and professional advice on how to possibly resolve the matter.

If a letter is sufficient to collect amounts owed to you, will not be charged further fees. However, if a matter cannot be resolved and must be taken before the court, fee ranges will be discussed.  Miller Paralegal Services invoices for services on an interim basis so you aren’t charged a large upfront fee at the start of the proceedings.

It is important that you defend yourself if you are being taken to Court – otherwise a Judgment will be rendered against you.

It is in your best interest to have proper representation when you are going to court.  Make sure to go in with a professional, experienced, licenced and insured paralegal.  For more information on how Miller Paralegal Services can assist you with your Small Claims Court needs, click here.

TO REQUEST A CONSULTATION ON YOUR MATTER, contact Nancy via phone or email.

For more information from the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario on the Small Claims Court processes, click here.